How to Make Kratom Capsules

If you want to know how to make kratom capsules this article will tell you everything you need to know. First you will need a few things:

1.Kratom powder you can get here.

2.capsule machine you can get here.

3.capsules you can get here. (note:capsules come in different sizes:0,00,and 000) the capsule machine size must match the empty capsule size.  The two different types of capsules are geletin and vegetable.  Most people prefer the vegetable because they are easier on your stomach.

how to make kratom capsules

First put the base on the stand. Put the longer part of capsule in base and the shorter part in the top.

Second put the base on a shallow plate and pour powder on top and spread it with a card.

Third use the tamping tool to compact the powder (pouring in more powder as desired).  Spread excess powder off open corner onto the plate.

Fourth take base off stand and replace the top, put on flat surface.  Press down on sides until the unit bottoms out.

And lastly press top evenly and firmly as the capsules are ejected.