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Kratom is a native tropical tree of Southeast Asia forest origin. It has gained popularity due its human body effects. Most kratom types have twenty five distinct alkaloids which each have an individual effect while still not giving users addiction.

Most trees are rich in the alkaloid called mitragynine which happens to have more stimulation. Many users have recommended kratom in fatigue relief, anxiety reduction, chronic pain ease, among many other treatments.

Kratom leaveskratom information effects

The kratom leaf is used in treating insomnia and also high blood pressure. It could be consider as a wonder drug due to the many positive effects that it produces but you have to fully understand this plant and do adequate research before embarking to work with it



Kratom Information Effects with strains and their characteristics

Premium Bali

This is a good choice for pain killing and also elevating relaxation effects. Many have identified it as one of the more calming kratom types.

Maeng Da

This strained is inclined to give more of energy excitement effects as compared to the other types while at the same time offering relaxation and soothing effects.

Thai Kratom

This is of Thailand origin and is known to offer energy thrills and more stimulation effects as than Premium Bali. It is a strong strain and can last between five to seven hours causing excitement and removing restlessness.


Premium Indonesian

This strain is one of the strongest and is used minimal in anesthetic and excitement desire effects. Many users are surprised by its power during their first experience with it. Any kratom labeled with ‘Indo’ usually has a mixture of some of the best strains combined together.

Kratom extracts

These are the purest kratom strains because they extract most of the alkaloids that are responsible for the powerful effects. The results can be experienced at a dose of about one to two grams.


Borneo has three types:

  • Red Vein – Has strong pain reduction effects and also has relaxing and soothing effects.
  • White Vein – Has more excitement and stimulating effect and therefore known for dealing with manual labor and work.
  • Green Vein – Provides mood uplifting effects together with stimulation. It has similarity to the white vein but tends to provide additional stimulation.


Kratom tends to provide very high stimulation in low doses and almost numbing effects when taken at high doses due to the active alkaloids that are located inside.

This is apparently because of the active alkaloids found in kratom; they can act as both a sedative drug and also for stimulation. Main predominates will depend upon blood levels of the users and also the body difference.

  • Small stimulant result: one – three grams
  • Average strength result: four – seven grams
  • Powerful result – eight – twelve grams
  • Extremely powerful results – thirteen to sixteen grams

Kratom Information Effects and Forms

  • kratom leavesFresh kratom leaves

In Southeast Asia it is usually sold as either tea or fresh leaves. The desired effects are obtained through chewing of the fresh leaves. The string-like veins in the middle of the leaf are removed before consumption so as not to cause nausea that can be brought about by kratom.

  • Dried kratom leaves

Outside of Southeast Asia kratom is sold in the form of extracts and dried leaves. This leaves are chopped up or grounded into powder for making of tea. The leaves are marked according to its strength and power such as standard, medium and super strength. To prevent potency loss the leaves are frozen.

  •  Kratom Extract

Boiling huge quantities of leaves in water and dissolving the liquid that is obtained till thick resin is left is a way users make natural extracts. The extracts can then be reserved for a long time period and majority of the time either eaten or tea is made out of it.

  •  Fake Kratom

This has been commonly sold previously. Vendors have nick named it ‘mellow gold’. Despite being a scenario in which users complained of being sold to fake product in the past, the market now offers genuine product to users. A familiar tree was supposedly used in the past to produce this fake product

  • Kratom Pies

Labeled as the extracts’ new version, vendors have just recently engaged in the sale of this kratom pies since many users were not fully satisfied with the original product. They are simpler to handle and many users have reported positive feedback despite the fact they are expensive.

  • Tinctures

Most users have reported this to be rather disappointing and quite expensive and most definitely not worth the money. The alkaloid amount they are reported to contain does not really match to the exact quantity they contain.

Kratom Information Effects and Uses

  • Recreational Use

Outside Southeast Asia in the recent years kratom has been well known for its sedative effects especially through online vendors. It seems to influence the brain in a similar manner as that of opiates but has over twenty five different types of alkaloids that each has their own effects including stimulation. Once the tolerance grows, you will have to obtain more of the product so as to attain the same desired kind of effects. So as to reduce tolerance advancement, users are recommended not to use kratom more than two times in a week. When a user uses kratom and also opiates, it has been discovered that cross-tolerance may take place which makes it difficult for doctors to offer medicine prescription after the user consumes it on a regular basis.

  • Medicinal Use

In Southeast Asia this has been used for treating problems such as infections of the intestines, cough reduction and also diarrhea. It is used for its opium effects in both Thai and Malay cultures so as to develop a certain tolerance to users who do a lot of manual labor in extreme temperatures. It has also been used to relieve pain due to the analgesic properties it portrays. Together with its alkaloids, they have both not yet been used in modern medicine utilization despite the fact of portraying analgesic effects in the body.

  • Sex enhancerkratom information effects

Some kratom users have allegedly stated that kratom has allowed them to function better sexually in bed for extended time periods other than the average time they take. It causes reduction in sexual organs’ sensitivity therefore leading to prolonged orgasm reach time. It can also cause temporary difficulties in erection, therefore posing a negative influence on sex performance.



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