Kratom Explained – Information and Facts on the Spiritual Plant



Fennel-Seeds-for-Libido-EnhancementThe use of Kratom has greatly increased in the past few decades because of its various therapeutic effects as an analgesic, stimulant, mood booster and relaxant. Because of its very low potential for addiction, it is widely used among people as a medicinal herb for the treatment of opiate withdrawal symptoms, intestinal infections, cough and diarrhea. It can also be used as a sex enhancing drug which increases libido and intensive studies have reported that a few strains have been claimed to prevent cancer.


Kratom is best cultivated in humid areas where the temperature remains warm such as the tropical areas of South Eastern region. Many people have tried growing this herb outdoors but have failed in all their attempts due to several reasons, the first being the fact that Kratom is a very huge plant that can attain a height of 100 feet or more which limit its growth in the outdoor areas. Also, the plant requires extremely fertile soil for growth, and drought, frost and other weather fluctuations can damage it beyond repair. Thus growing it on your own can be a real trouble unless you take very good care of the plant and provide the optimum heat and temperature required for survival. It is therefore very convenient that you buy Kratom online as there are a number of online vendors available these days that sell this drug at a reasonable price. This would not only save you money in the long run but also protect you from all the hassle of self-cultivation.


Kratom can be differentiated on the basis of its forms and strains and before making a purchase it’s very essential to know the various types because of their difference in actions.



  1. Fresh Kratom LeavesFRESH KRATOM LEAVES: The therapeutic effect of this form is achieved by chewing the leaves in their fresh form. Before consuming the freshly cut leaves, it must be made sure that the central vein is removed because it can cause bouts of nausea. This type of formulation is more common in the South Eastern regions which are the homeland for Kratom cultivation.


  1. DRIED KRATOM LEAVES: Sometimes the fresh leaves are crushed, shredded and powdered into a tea form which makes them last longer and increase its potency. Such preparation is common in areas of the world where Kratom cannot be cultivated on a large scale. However it is quite expensive as compared to fresh Kratom leaves.
  • KRATOM EXTRACT: If a bulk of leaves are boiled in water and the water then evaporated, the left over thickened product would be called an extract or a resin. This is suitable for consumption as tea or can be eaten directly. Pure extracts are too expensive therefore organic matter is added into the pure form to make it reasonable for the buyers but this is also associated with decreased potency of the drug.


  1. KRATOM PIES: A more modified version of Kratom extract is called a Kratom pie which is sold in the form of small capsules that can be easily swallowed. They have gained popularity because of their potent nature however they are expensive than the other formulations.


  1. TINCTURES: The amount of alkaloids present in the tincture formulation is exceptionally low and their high price has limited its use among the individuals.




Every individual uses Kratom for different needs and knowledge of the different strains is essential to choose the best one for you. Vein color, strain name and formulation are important properties that affect the therapeutic potential of Kratom. A brief guide might help you select the best one according to your requirements.


  1. RED BALI STRAIN: This is the best option for beginners as its actions covers a wide spectrum ranging from pain relief to stress relaxation and enhancement of mood. Potential for addiction is minimal.


  1. THAI RED VEIN: Grown in the region of Borneo, this plant is very potent and has a longer duration of action. The major effects are pain relieving and mood uplifting. Sedative effects are not very strong.


  • THAI GREEN VEIN: This strain of Kratom is beneficial in enhancing focus and stamina though it does not cause overexcitement or anxiousness. It has a very strong stimulating potential but weak analgesic activity.


  1. MALAY GREEN VEIN: Because of its great mood enhancing effects, Malay Green Vein Kratom can lead to the feeling of euphoria and self-contentment. It is the drug of choice to treat depression and anxiety.


  1. BORNEO WHITE VEIN: The Borneo White Vein herb is mostly used to enhance focus and concentration, increase the cognitive ability of an individual and to energize the mood. It has very low analgesic activity.


  1. MAENG DA WHITE VEIN: Among all the strains mentioned above, this is the strongest and the most potent one. It increases the state of well being and provides extreme levels of consciousness along with boosting the mood and alerting the individual.

The best and most convenient way to buy Kratom for personal use is to check online portals and buy it from there. These days thousands of online vendors are available who offer this medicinal herb at a reasonable cost. However a few points should always be kept in mind to avoid long term complications. Always ensure that the online vendor is selling the drug legally because many countries have banned the sale of Kratom and buying from such regions can lead to severe legal consequences.  Kratom is not safe for use in individuals who have an addictive potential else withdrawal symptoms can be fatal. The authenticity of the vendor should always be conformed prior to sale because there are many people selling fake drugs for the sake of money. Go for the online portals that are well reputed and have satisfactory reviews because such things would give you an idea about the quality of the drug. Above all, Kratom should not be consumed on a daily basis because it can lead to addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Happy shopping!