Kratom FAQs – All You Ever Wanted to Know about Kratom

There is a lot of bias and buzz going on about Kratom in the news.  This Kratom FAQ is from an unbiased Kratom user of many many years, and just answers some of the questions I have learned along the way.  Sometimes it is so hard to get a good definitive answer out of the internet, but I will do my best.

Is Kratom legal?

In the United States, yes Kratom is legal.  You can buy it over the counter in many many places.  There are a few states who have given restrictions on shipping to their states (Thanks, Indiana and Tennessee).  There are several countries such as Australia, Burma, Thailand, and Malaysia where Kratom is also illegal.  The main argument against its legality are that it is an unregulated drug and causes harm.  There is NOT much evidence though on the side of Kratom being harmful at all.  Other Kratom FAQs responses will address the legality questions as well.  Addictive potential should not make something immediately illegal.

See this article on Wikipedia about the legalities:

Is Kratom for human consumption?

Yes, it is for human consumption.  What do you think Kratom Tea is?  It is labeled with the cliche line of kratom FAQ Kratom Teanot for human consumption to take away liability if the asshole taking all of it does something really stupid.  This is the same type of message that you would see on synthetic weed and any legal high at a head shop.  I have tried all kinnndss of kratom for a long time and haven’t really ran into any adverse effects, but vendors hypothetically could put anything in there and it isn’t regulated.  That is why in this kratom FAQ and across the site we try and give you vendors that are worth a shit and carry good Kratom and good deals.

Will Kratom get me high?

Kratom gives a buzz similar to tramadol or very mild hydrocodone buzz if you are comparing it to other opiates.  It has many other positive effects which we get into later, but people often want to know if it will get them fucked up.  Strong kratom extracts and good strains of Kratom can leave you nodding off a bit, but your average dose of a run of the mill powder will probably be a bit more mild but with a strong sense of well being.    I would refer to Kratom as a performance enhancer in many many ways , so in that respect it gets me high.  One interesting concept about getting “high” is that kratom for opiate withdrawals has had major success for people including myself.  Just go on to read about it if you want to know more, but there is a shit load of evidence pointing to Kratom at least curbing withdrawal symptoms.

Why are there so many options?

Kkratom faq choicesratom has many options of mediums that it comes in, as well as vendors who buy it and package it.  I am sure if you had the time, inclination, and money to track Kratom origination it probably comes from just a few wholesalers, but after the wholesalers is a world of people trying to sell the leaf.  Brands with quality reputations usually spread around and communities online can tell you what to think of a vendor.  That is another reason this site exists though, to find lowest prices, best deals, and incentives like free shipping!  If you are new to Kratom I stick to my advice of finding a well respected vendor, and Kratom veterans can check out our Kratom extracts.  Kratom connoisseurs usually know what they are looking for though already, they have been around the block 🙂

Can I get Kratom shipped to me?

You can of course find good places to buy Kratom powder, Kratom extracts, and Kratom capsules online.  Almost all vendors will ship discreetly to your house.  If you are in Indiana or Tennessee, the vendor will in most cases just refuse to ship to you.  They are trying to keep themselves out of hot water because they can lose their business if they ship it to states where it is prohibited.  If you live in one of those states and really need your Kratom, I would suggest just finding a private selling platform and buy it that way.

What are the effects of Kratom?

The effects of Kratom vary person to person, but have a strong pattern of being positive and up lifting.  It is known by Medical people everywhere that opiates (Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa does work on the opioid receptors) will cause happiness and well being.  That being said, the Kratom has the following prominent positive effects:

kratom faq

  • Uplifting Mood
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Depression Relief
  • Pain Relief
  • Motivation
  • Focus


What is Kratom?  Another blog post of mine goes into detail about each one.

All of these are very true and it actually helped me a lot with my job.  I wasn’t very open about it at work but I was often taking Kratom during working hours and it made me efficient as hell.  I literally got like 3 promotions in 2 years while under a spell of Kratom, but that just sounds like bullshit.  I shit you not though.

It can have negative effects though.  If you abuse anything you will feel negative effects.  The ones I dealt with were:

  • Mild , caffeine like addiction
  • Nausea if dosed way too high.

That is really it for the negative.