Kratom for Depression – Miracle Natural Supplement?

I know the feeling.  You get tired, lazy, non-motivated, and just want to do nothing.

If you are looking for kratom for depression you obviously are going up against some negative thoughts and you are looking for some type of relief.

Kratom for depression gets my vote because I am someone who has dealt with depression first hand, including some stints of anti-depressants.  Anti depressants can have many devastating side effects (the sexual ones are especially frustrating).

I realized that very quickly in the onset of a kratom dosage, my feelings of kratom for depressionanxiety and general negativity subsided for a bit, and I was able to do things that depression and anxiety made very difficult.  I started to take kratom for depression and realized that I was upbeat, talkative, confident, and just had a better overall feeling of well-being.  It also even enhanced sexual experiences and I felt like it gave me … erm longevity.   I am not saying it was like Viagra, but it gave mild enhancements to everything similar to if you smoked some pot.

You are probably wondering, if kratom for depression is so special, then why don’t we hear about it more?  The truth of the matter is kratom can give you a tolerance pretty quickly, and that isn’t exactly practical for a long term depression cure.   Also it seems to have gotten the governments attention because it is illegal in a few states.  I do think the pressure to make it illegal does in a way prove its potential, because its doing enough that someone is worried about it being widespread.  Whether you think this is for reasons like big pharma having a part in it, or if you think it is actually in peoples best interest to not do kratom, I’m going the big pharma route.  They don’t want anything that could potentially put a dent in their anti depressant operation.

Another important detail of kratom is that it is an opioid.  The pain relieving effects are well known, and anyone who has done opiates knows the “Well being” feeling that it gives you.

If you are using kratom for depression you should remember that it has thekratom for depression stimulating / uplifting effects in small doses, and large doses tend to be a bit more sedative. I am not saying that is a bad thing, but if you are talking about the depression relief aspect you are probably not looking for something to put you on your ass.  In larger doses I would say it is more of a de –stressant than an anti-depressant.  Regardless, in the small (3-4 capsule) dosage, you should be able to feel some relief and continue to up the dosage asyou see necessary.

If using kratom for depression, you should make sure that you have an empty stomach.  If you take kratom on a full stomach the effects seem to be weaker with a much longer onset as your body digests the food and eventually the kratom.

Another positive thing about kratom for depression is you can order it from your house and not have to goto a doctor’s appointment (free shipping!)or something like that, and it comes in easy to ingest capsules that make it pretty simple.  Our product store has various strains, with the Maeng Da being the most potent for anti depressant effects.  It is most definitely worth giving it a shot.   You won’t be disappointed.