Kratom for Energy – You Will Feel Energized

What is Kratom and how can I use Kratom for Energy?

kratom for energy

A lot has been said over the internet and the media concerning Kratom, most of this information is confusing as it does not contain pure truth. Over the years, Kratom has been disguised as a “legal high” and this article is meant to uncover the underlying truth of what really Kratom is, its benefits, effects and the correct strain to use

Being in the same family with coffee, Kratom is scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa. Kratom is leafy and is natively found in the rainforests in Southern Asia where it has been traditionally been used for quite a number of uses including herbal drug in lower doses, stimulant when taken on high doses, energy booster, diarrhea treatment, pain killer, drug for recreation, alleviating depression and promoting wellness and happiness.

kratom for energyFor those who think that if they take Kratom they will get “high”, then they are definitely going to be disappointed because Kratom will only boost your mood as well as act like a sedative and a stimulant. If you are that person that likes energy and engages in daily activities that really need your attention and concentration like long-distance driving, then I highly recommend Kratom for energy because it serves all your needs. Unlike caffeine the smooth feeling of Kratom will last for up to 5 hours.

If you just need stimulation and energy and stimulation then use Kratom at lower doses because the more dosage you take, then the more sedative it is. Being a purely natural and herbal medicine, Kratom is modernly used for psycho-physiological stimulation and the effects are far much better than the common opiates and other narcotics.

How to take Kratom

Chewing the Kratom leaves is a common habit in Thailand; this is done after removing the central vein which is rather stringy when consumed. Dried leaves are grounded into a fine powder, mixed with water and drunk.  Mitragynine is the dominant compound found in the Kratom is one responsible for the pleasing affects that on feels when they take Kratom. Mitragynine stimulating effect is as a result of the compound capability to bind with numerous brain-receptors. These receptors include; Mu-opioid receptor, kappa-opioid receptor and serotonin receptors in the brain, this produces an overall pleasing effect to the consumer.kratom for energy

Another common method for consuming Kratom is by preparing Kratom tea. Described below are the steps involved in making of Kratom tea.

  1. Add approximately 1 liter of water to 56 grams (equivalent of 2 ounces) of well ground and dried Kratom leaves.
  2. Leave the mixture to boil for around 15 minutes.
  3. Using a strainer and a bowl, pour the tea into the bowl using the strainer and remember to squeeze the leaves to force all the liquid out.
  4. Add another liter of water to the pot and return the same leaves and then repeat steps 2 and 3 above until all liquid is strained from the leaves a second time after which they can be discarded.
  5. Combine the liquids from the two boiling into the pot and leave the tea to boil until the volume is about 250 ml (1 cup).

Other methods for consuming Kratom include; Smoking of dry leaves that have been made into a powder. This method is not recommended because a single leaf contains a dose which is which would result to loss and wasted so easily.

Water from Kratom tea can be evaporated and a paste-like powder prepared. The extract can be consumed as tea, swallowed and is suitable for storage for future uses.

Adding Kratom to the normal black tea before consumption makes it more pleasing to taste. To avoid the bitter taste of Kratom tea, use sweeteners such as sugar and honey.

 Health benefits associated with Kratom

There are numerous benefits associated with Kratom, these benefits are clearly outline below;

  • Boosting the Immune system.

Various medical researches have been done on Kratom’s leave and their compounds and have found various alkaloids that work on strengthening and stimulating the immune system. Traditionally it has been proven that taking Kratom on regular basis has major effects of reducing disease severity and prevent illness from occurring.

  • Energy booster

Most workers and laborers in Thailand prefer Kratom for energy because of its ability to increase the level of energy in the body. It is however worth noting that different strains of Kratom have different benefits.The commonly used strain to increase energy levels is Maeng Da Kratom. Kratom achieves energy boosting by optimization of the body’s metabolic processes and impacting the level of hormones in the body. It is used by patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue syndrome as a natural medicine.

  • Mood boosting and anxiety

Kratom is a great mood booster and has been widely used to counteract high levels of depression, anxiety chronic stress as well as panic attacks. Hormone regulation in the body helps to fight the body’s chemical imbalance without using pharmaceuticals.

  • Sexual enhancer

Kratom contains Mitragyna which is a good stimulant and has been used for enhancing sexual activities by boosting fertility and improving the libido level. Increased blood flow and energy produced by Kratom helps in raising the rate of conception and re-reenergizing a tired libido thus improving the fertility level.

  • Addiction recovery

Many people across the world experience opium addiction, what these people do not know is that chewing Kratom leaves can help alleviate the addiction. This is because Kratom has sensations do not have side effects like those of opium.

Side effects of Kratom

The effects of Kratom vary by the strain and the dosage. On taking high doses regularly, one may experience effects such as, darkening of the skin, constipation, aggression and nervousness.

Other effects that have been associated with prolonged consumption of Kratom include nausea, mouth dryness, loss of libido, prolonged sleep and vomiting frequently.

Always ensure that when starting on a new batch of Kratom, start with lower doses to avoid these side effects.


kratom for energyThe popularity of Kratom is growing everyday as its benefits and medicinal ability. This herb can be used as a household herb to improve the quality of life and happiness at very affordable prices. You can grow a number of Kratom plants at the backyard of your house and enjoy the medicinal value of this awesome herb. As seen in this photograph, Kratom can be easily grown in plastic containers often not used around the house.  That way you can create your own Kratom for energy source and enjoy its benefits!