Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal? Does it work?

If you are new to Kratom for opiate withdrawl– it is a natural plant that grows native to Thailand.  I actually did not know this until I sat down to research this blog post, the it is somehow related to coffee plants.  Regardless, it is gaining a lot of attention as a pain reliever and depression reliever.  Kratom for opiate withdrawal can definitely help alleviate symptoms . Why?  Because it acts on the opioid receptors that other pain relievers do, so it is scratching the itch on those receptors need scratched.

I can literally link you right now to a respected and cited medical journal that backs up these claims.  Kratom for opiate withdrawl self treatment (

If you frequent websites that would talk about such a topic, you may here that Kratom for Opiate withdrawal has successfully worked for a good amount of people. You will see many personal accounts of people who were addicted to very intense opiates such as heroin or oxycontin, but using Kratom for Opiate withdrawal kept their cravings at bay.

As anyone who is going through an opiate withdrawal knows, it is an extremely unpleasant, sickly feeling that lasts days and can really fuck your day up. Kratom for Opiate withdrawal makes sense to me in a situation where you are a busy person who works everyday, and you can’t afford to take a day off of work. Sometimes a really hardcore opiate withdrawal will make functioning almost IMPOSSIBLE, despite your will power.

kratom for opiate withdrawal

That is where Kratom for opiate withdrawal comes into play. If you can sip on a tea that will keep you at bay for the day, why not? One popular argument against it would be that you will just become addicted to Kratom. I see the argument, but disagree that a Kratom taper is a good way to taper, and cold turkey isn’t always an option. I compare it to smoking a little bit of pot. Like really, who cares?

Kratom for Opiate withdrawal makes sense because they both target your opiod receptors, and you are giving them the minor fix that they need. I sympathize with anyone in that situation, and would not hesitate to offer Kratom to take the edge off at the very least.  Getting over withdrawal symptoms should be your first priority, and Kratom will help.

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