Kratom Natural Supplement – One of the Best Kept Secrets

Kratom is a tree that harvested in South Asia for its leaves. Its leaves used as herb medicine to relaxing and affecting the mind. It derived from the Thai word and belongs to the Rubiaceae family of tree.  The flower of this tress is in yellow color that produces almost 50 seeds in it.

Its leaves have light green and dark red veins and found in light and dark green colors. These leaves use as mind bending drug now days and it considering legal heroin for use but it is not dangerous in use. People feel pain free, relax, and strong, optimistic and active after use and it can be purchase from any health and care organization and from pharmaceutical companies in US.

kratom natural supplementKratom natural supplement is herbal drug and it considers a miracle in all natural supplements. It is the most popular herb from all of the natural supplements. A lot of people buy kratom for health reasons. It is a natural therapy for mind for stress, anxiety, stress, insomnia, pain in muscles and body, restlessness and poor mind-set. But not only can this, it help you to feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. Some physical therapies are control of blood pressure, control the sugar level, pain relief, increase metabolism etc. this herbal is best for cognitive remedies.

Due to some reasons and some side effects of this drug it becomes banned in 1943 by Thai Government under 2486 Act but this decision was not become successful because people started grow these trees privately without any fear and hesitation. Even people get punished but they didn’t stop harvesting.

Today many traders sale these plants and dried leaves, people can grow it like house plant but proper cutting require for it because they always grow in larger quantity and cover many area. Their cultivation required the humid environment, instead of cold climate. The areas have tropical climate, the cultivation goes throughout the year.

Some risk in use of Kratom Natural Supplement

With lot of benefits there are some risk that can be seen in research on the consumption of this herb leaves.

  1. It served as pain killer but it’s not recommended scientifically for medical use.
  2. It may be harmful in ling term.
  3. Heavy dose of this drug may cause of sleeplessness, nervousness, complexities of dark skin and many others like aggression, constipation, nausea, tremors and delusions etc.
  4. Daily use of this it can lead you towards the side effects of dependence of drug and malevolent side effects.
  5. Sometimes overdosing of it disturbs the stomach.
  6. Overdosing of it causes addiction like other pharmaceutical medicines because after the consumption you fall asleep.
  7. If treatment of patient with this herb drug can stop due to any reason then he need sudden medical treatment.
  8. This use of his drug may harmful for liver.

But we can’t say that use of this herb is harmful. Not at all, it said that excess of everything is bad“so, in case of this drug overdosing of it causes some of the above effects. Latest researches show that the effect of nausea is a just on mild level which can be cure easily.

Is use of it unhealthy?

kratom natural supplementNo, saying that can’t be right about this herb. Herbal treatments don’t have severe side effects, it may be but on minor kevel.  When people consume it with other things and mixed it with other things like coffee then it may become harmful and when they increase the consumption level it causes nausea to mild level. If people combined it with other drugs and medicines and things it causes problem of blood pressure too. Don’t emerge it with tobacco and don’t use it in smoking. It can be combined with tea, it can be said a beast usage of it. According to the surveys of personal experience of consumer, the side effects are not for long term, they cure easily and fast.

This is like a drug but we can’t compare it with alcohol. It attested that people can do their work with the consumption of it like the consumption of coffee such as driving. But overdosing of it causes negative effects on health especially when you drive. It can compare with coffee for strong terms but we can’t compare it with drugs of illegal terms.

What class of people uses it?

Its user friendly product and used by all class of the people whether it’s of upper class lower class, educated or uneducated, conservatives or liberal etc. In short it can be use by all races and generations and by the people of all ages but it most commonly usage product in adults likes coffee, with all this it not seem the craziest product in youngsters.

Legal status

This product is considered legal for use, people privately cultivate it in United states and Europe but in some areas it consider illegal such as in Thailand, Australia, Denmark, Malaysia and in Burma.


It should be noted that don’t use this herb with other things and specially it not advised to the under 18 children, so keep I mind these precautions to save yourself from the adverse effects.

Pregnant women should not take any drug without the medical instructions of doctors, there are not much researches and studies about pregnant women have to take this herb or not. It not known by anyone that it’s better or harmful so it’s need to avoid the use of it.

If people use it responsibly then it doesn’t become a habit or causes of addiction, use it no more ten twice a week then it can easily left.


Some people use and sell this herb illegally like other drugs especially to teenagers and children just to earn money. Due to these reasons a strong and active medicine use in negative way and it become banned in many countries. So, the future of this useful herb is on a miserable point. Strong propaganda has made against it by ignorance of people, false and incorrect information which spread increasingly. We need to use it with gently following all precautions.  BE RESPONSIBLE!