Making Kratom Tea – A Potent Blend of Relaxation and Euphoria



Tea as is loved by many people has many various positive effects to the human body. So as to obtain herbal medicinal effects, combining kratom with tea brings out the best combo. Kratom powder can be combined with tea in just a simple tea recipe. Kratom gives a boost of energy levels that can’t be obtained from other teas despite wanting your tea being either hot or cold. Kratom powder when combined with tea can be leveled up to your desired strength without losing any effectiveness. You can have your full energy mug or relieve your anxiety easily if that’s the desirer you’re striving for.

The full advantages of kratom powder can be achieved with this implausible simple kratom tea recipe. This energizing and smoothing simple drink is a feeling to strive for whether your preference for tea is having it hot or cold. You can adjust the level up of the tea to meet your desired inclination without losing the drink’s value. How you decide to have this drink be it designing the brew to your preference or just having it natural and simple is your choice.  Pull together the ingredients, take up your desired cup and then stick to the simple kratom recipe in a few minutes.

Kratom tea advantages

making kratom teaThis kratom leaves of Southeast Asia origin have been commonly identified with medicinal advantages. Local societies have for many years been chewing up this leaves, crushing them into fine powder and then simmering into their traditional teas. This because boiling this kratom powder permits its powerful alkaloids discharge quicker than mere chewing up. The alkaloids will be taken up by the bloodstream instantly once they are discharged in water experiencing mind and body results quicker. Heating up the water does not interfere with the psychoactive alkaloids found within the kratom leaves. Mitragynine which is a kratom attribute will not change in any form of temperature.

Selecting the right kratom powder

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Considering there are many kinds of kratom leaves, it is ideal to know the type you are planning to use in creating the right tea recipe. Any of the powder kratom varieties will work okay but most users recommend the Red Bali for relaxing as you take things slow and remove anxiety. For a powerful energy level boost then the strong Maeng Da Kratom is the best to use. Vietnam Kratom and Sumatran achieve similar results. The outcomes you are striving for are dependent on the dosage and also personal preference but you can also experiment to get the right choice.

The right amount

What is the right kratom powder quantity to use? This utterly depends on your inclination so according to the general rules outlined below you may need to use more or fewer quantities.

  • One gram: Exceedingly gentle result
  • Three grams: Average result
  • Five grams: Effective result
  • Ten grams: Intense result
  • Fifteen and more grams: Very intense result – ideal for users with experience

You should not forget to use smaller quantities when using extract powder from resin.

Brewing procedure

  • You will require water, kratom powder, sieve, boiling kettle and fire.
  • Boil a half-water cup in a kettle gently.
  • Include a pre-measured quantity of kratom powder into the now boiling water.
  • Reduce the heat and allow simmer of the mixture for about ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Once the tea color changes to yellow or a deep orange color take out the kettle from the fire.
  • Grasp the sieve over the drinking cup and transfer the tea.
  • Throw away the residue.

Extra suggestions

Another option is to spice up the drink with cinnamon, honey or even sugar. You can also allow the drink to cool by keeping it in the fridge or also pass the drink on top of ice. A lemon or lime slice can also be added to the water before preparation. This will give the prepared drink some extra flavor and also preserve the alkaloids.

You should start experiencing some effects after thirty minutes of intake and slow sipping. This recipe is standard and is supposed to work. Little experimentation is also encouraged to achieve perfection.

You can likewise consider buying kratom tea bags which will reduce the recipe procedure.

Larger or fewer quantities of the leaves can be used together with regulating the amount of water so as to achieve the same kind of result in making kratom tea. Kratom tea can be securely stored in a fridge for five days or more but it is safer not to drink the concoction after five days have passed. Adding alcohol of about ten percent volume to the drink will conserve it well for some few months and can stay longer as long as it still stored in the refrigerator. This is from only one part of alcohol to about three parts of the drink.

Generally it is not advisable to mix up drugs though users have recommended that certain mixtures are safe to use. So it is safe to add small quantities of alcohol when making kratom tea as long it is not huge volumes of alcohol. The kratom effect has made some users to resort to smoking (cannabis or tobacco). A few others also report to have experienced nausea when taking the drink.


  • You should not take the same drink element two days consecutively the recommended is one element once a week.
  • If you are a new kratom user you should not use it more than once a day consecutively.
  • Kratom should be used in one to two days in a week till you fully know that which works best for you.
  • A good amount for a new kratom user should be eight grams kratom powder for kratom tea which is spread out the entire day.
  • When prepared the previous night and stored in the fridge, kratom tea will be incredible when taken while cold the next day.
  • Have a wonderful time as you enjoy your drink