Borneo Kratom Powder (Green Vein)


Borneo kratom powder (Green Vein) has been used for centuries.


Product Description

Borneo Kratom powder (green vein) has held the test of time as a favorite among Kratom enthusiasts.  It is a fantastic choice for a red strain and lives up to its good reputation, people have literally been using this strain for centuries.

Borneo Kratom powder (red vein)

Borneo Kratom powder has been thought to have been used by native tribes that inhabit the rain forest that it comes from on the island of Borneo, research shows that these tribes would use Kratom leaves in their ceremonies

The Borneo Kratom powder  strain is also sought after because it has classic green strain effects.  A perfect strain for relaxation and mood enhancement.  It is not a very stimulating strain at all but it’s not gonna knock you out either.  The alkaloid content produces a very mild sedation.

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