Green Elephant Kratom Powder (Green Vein)


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Green Elephant Kratom Powder (Green Vein) is a premium kratom strain that gets its name from the giant leaves on the kratom plant.  This strain has been specifically called out to help with social anxiety, and give you a good overall feeling of wellbeing.  Try it out!


Product Description

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The Green Elephant Kratom Powder (green vein) strain is definitely something you are going to want to check out. This strain has been stirring up a lot of hype amongst the serious and experienced kratom users, generating a lot of good feedback on online message boards and reviews. The subtle benefits of this strain are very exciting to some seasoned users as well as someone just getting into kratom. Some have said that the green elephant is the strongest and longest lasting of all strains. It originates in Thailand and is harvested in Borneo from the most mature and well nurtured trees possible. This new and exciting strain is said to be a unique hybrid strain, producing strong and long lasting effects that are characteristic of red, green, and white strains.Green elephant Kratom powder (green vein) is very commonly used for relieving anxiety, keeping you relaxed and focused, and Farmers have been known to really take their time when harvesting this strain, being very meticulous in making it the highest quality strain possible. People have said that this strain has stopped their search for the perfect type of Kratom having a combination of all the positive effects of the different strains.




green elephant kratom powder (green vein)

green elephant kratom powder (green vein)


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