Red Hulu Kratom Powder


Red Hulu Kratom Powder has a reputation of being a good mood enhancing kratom powder strain.

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Red Hulu Kratom Powder is a very rare strain and a favorite among experienced kratom enthusiasts.  Its unique blend of effects and quality of the duration make it a very unique strain.  The Red Hulu Kratom Powder has the perfect blend of sedation and stimulation, keeping you relaxed, yet alert throughout your day.  The reason for this perfect balance is due to the specific alkaloid content of the leaf.  The harvesting process is very specialized for this strain, usually made by only long term, experienced kratom farmers.  

Red Hulu Kratom Powder comes from deep in the Hulu forest and it is harvested right by the Kapuas river(hence where it gets its name).  This is what makes it such a rare strain, due to its remote location and special harvesting process, it is just a little harder to come by.





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