Red Maeng Da Kratom- Strain Review

Red maeng da kratom is a widely popular kratom strain and a very potent one also.  It is well liked for its strong and long lasting effects that it has.  We decided to add this product to our list of strain reviews and here it is.

My experience with red maeng da kratom was a very positive experience and it helped me out beyond belief.  I had been using kratom for a few years now mainly as a way to stop using opiates.  Basically whenever I would run out of heroin I would resort to finding some kratom to get me through it.  At some point someone recommended that the red maeng da kratom might be the best to help me through a detox, so I tried some out.

red maeng da kratom

No kratom I’ve ever had compares with taking opiates but I must say the red maeng da kratom was the best at helping me through the detox.  As soon as I felt the detox symptoms coming on I went to burn some of this strain.  My stomach cramps and chills usually come on first, I’d say about after 8 hours of my last use.  I waited till about 5 or 6 hours before using the red maeng da kratom  and I started to feel that after about 20-30 minutes.  The effects came on pretty much right away and helped me totally avoid my detox symptoms all together.

Red maeng da kratom was the perfect counter action to my opiate withdrawal.  I got a nice warm feeling in my stomach and I had hardly any stomach cramps or issues during the detox at all.  My chills were still a little bit present but very minimal.  Let me also point out that I had a very bad heroin habit at the time, probably about 200$ a day worth.  So I wouldnt expect anything to totally cure me of that detox.  The warm feeling that the red maeng da kratom has kept me relaxed and calm all throughout my detox.  It eased my mind and I didn’t have the normal anxious racing thoughts of obsessing to find more drugs.

The red maeng da kratom peaked out around an hour and a half and last a couple more hours after that.  I couldnt say for sure if it contributed to me sleeping well but I will say that sleeping is usually not an option when Im detoxing and I actually got a decent night sleep that night. I burned a little more red maeng da kratom right before bed and it kept me cool all through the night.  The only other strain that helped at all was the red bali kratom.  In my opinion I found the red maeng da kratom to be much stronger and a little bit longer lasting.  Ive tried detoxing with green strains before and I wouldn’t recommend that. I find them to produce a more energizing aroma and and that has really upset my stomach in the past.


Red maeng da for me hands down the best strain in easing me through a detox.  This is just my personal opinion though.  I haven’t found anything else to help me as much and to not have any negative side effects of its own.  There has been nothing worse than going through a heroin detox and anything that can ease that process is a plus.  I found the price of red maeng da kratom to be very reasonable for what it has to offer.

So it is of the opinion of many that red maeng da kratom is one of the strongest red strains on the market and I think it will remain a favorite for a while. 

Alex K